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Why are decorators, decorating and sewing hobbyists all over America ordering Judy Rice's SLIPCOVER BASICS?

   "Slipcovers have once again become very fashionable, which has resulted in a need for skilled artisans and an opportunity for tremendous profits." (Draperies and Window Coverings).

JUDY RICE has been making custom slipcovers since her early teens, and in SLIPCOVER BASICS she teaches the techniques and skills which have kept her decorating business at the top in one of Connecticut's wealthiest areas.

Making custom slipcovers can be done by anyone with the time to learn by using the simple step by step instructions in SLIPCOVER BASICS. This 57 minute video guides the viewer through each step with simple, detailed instructions.


The single most effective way to learn any skill is to watch someone do something and follow their directions.

Start from "square one." Chock full of information detailing techniques on cutting, marking and construction that can be viewed over and over again. Take your new found knowledge and apply it to any piece of furniture. One picture is worth a thousand words.

Slipcover Basics:
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This video shows how to easily make slipcovers with a very finished, upholstered look.


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"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how terrific Judy Rice's
"Slipcover Basics" video is.  I have a hideously ugly (burnt orange) but
nonetheless comfortable wing chair, ottoman and sofa, and have tried making
slipcovers from patterns and books, with less than thrilling results.

"Judy's video is great because it actually SHOWS how to complete a slipcover.  One thing I always had trouble with was welt-cording, but after watching Judy do it, it's amazingly easy!  Thanks for such a terrific resource!"
Boston, MA

"Hi, I just wanted you to know that I purchased your video on slipcovering basics and I think it is excellent. I have a slipcovering business in Tennessee and this video will cut my time in half at least."

"The video arrived today and is incredibly good. I couldn't have pictured anything better - I definitely will try a couch cover... Again, the video surpasses my best expectations! Great job."
Webster, MA

"I've just finished my third slipcover and had to write to thank you." San Diego, CA

"Recently, I purchased your "Slipcover Basics" video - which is excellent." Warwick, RI

"Your tape on making slipcovers is very informative, and we have enjoyed viewing it." Richmond, VA

"I have received your video "Slipcover Basics" - as ordered, and am very pleased." Spartanburg, SC

"Thank you so much for the wonderful video on Slipcovers." Manchester, MI

"We ordered a copy of the video, SLIPCOVER BASICS, and are very impressed with it." Winter Garden, FL

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