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Make an upholstered cornice.
Upholster a slipseat.
Make a slipcover.

Hydroponic Growers
Bigger yields in smaller spaces

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Your Work

- Your projects -

To send us a picture of your work, please follow these guidelines:

1. Please use .jpg when saving your pictures. The JPEG format will give the best quality to file size ratio, require the least work on our part.  

2. Email your pictures to

3. If you want your name included with your picture when we post it, please say so in the email. Otherwise, we will just include a first name.  We won't post your email address or other personal information, as it will be collected by bulk emailers for solicitations.

4. Or you can just mail us a copy of your picture and we will scan it ourselves.  If you want your copy returned, then please include a self addressed, stamped envelope, and we will do our best. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to get your picture back to you.

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