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- Learn Upholstery by Video - 

Hello, my name is Merv Knutson. The past 40 years of my life have been devoted to the Art of Re-Upholstery.
Now, with my three extensive step-by-step training videos, you too can learn the art, tricks, and know-how of the Upholstery trade. You will discover the secrets that will not only make your work easier, but will help you to achieve a quality to your finished product that will generate word-of-mouth referrals from your satisfied clients. My three informative videos are designed to educate and demonstrate. They are worth their weight in gold!! 
There isn't an occupation in this world that can be truly successful without tools. MERV'S TRAINING VIDEOS provide you with these tools, as well as expert advice to do a professional job you can be proud of. 

Video #1: Upholstery Training

Merv dives right into the art of upholstery with a full six hours of practical demonstrations.  He covers spring tying, webbing, sewn tufting, pattern repeats, and dozens of other topics in simple, detailed lessons.  For a complete listing, click here.

Video #2: Merv's Upholstery Secrets

Merv shows two hours of his tricks of the trade that will help to give you professional results on your projects.  More pattern matching, tufting and quilting, roll and tuck and much more.

Make old, worn-out furniture look like this!

Many jobs like this completed by Merv.

Video #3: Upholstery Repair

Video #3 is our BONUS Video, consisting of three outstanding professionals in their trades. Each having over 20 years of success! This MUST-SEE video covers: 

Repairing Vinyl / Leather / Velour / Plastics / Color Matching / Windshield Repairing, Chips 

 The Perfect Repair by VINYL-PRO OF WESTERN PA.

 From this.. this

Look at the difference you can make if you have the knowledge and tools!

Video #4 Curved Back Bar Stools

Merv demonstrates two different methods to upholster curved back and water fall bar stools.  From tear down, straight through pattern making and covering.

Please take note that all my videos are taped in the extended play mode. Video #1 has 6 hours of quality instruction. The EPM slightly impairs the resolution, however it is like getting three videos for the price of one! 

All my videos are indexed, for easy reference. The topic with a number is on the video box as well as on the face of the tape. 

Example: A003-25-39- at 3 hours 25 minutes & 39 seconds the topic (curve front chair deck) listed will appear on the video so you can easily locate what you want to see, when you want to see it. 






 Merv's Training:



 Upholstery Training #1: $59.95 $4.00 
 Upholstery Secrets #2: $29.95 $4.00 
 Upholstery Repair #3: $39.95 $4.00 
 Curved Back Stools #4: $29.95 $4.00 
 Upholstery #1 & #2: $79.95 $4.00 
 Upholstery #1 #2 & #3: $109.95 $4.00 
 All FOUR: $139.95



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