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Videos #1 & #2 include:

8 hours of One-on-one, Art of Upholstery training and secrets.

Video #3 is our BONUS Video, consisting of three outstanding professionals in their trades. Each having over 20 years of success! This MUST-SEE video covers:

Repairing Vinyl / Leather / Velour / Plastics / Color Matching / Windshield Repairing, Chips

Please take note that all my videos are taped in the extended play mode. Video #1 has 6 hours of quality instruction. The EPM slightly impairs the resolution, however it is like getting three videos for the price of one! All my videos are indexed, for easy reference. The topic with a number is on the video box as well as on the face of the tape.

Example: A003-25-39- at 3 hours 25 minutes & 39 seconds the topic (curve front chair deck) listed will appear on the video so you can easily locate what you want to see, when you want to see it.

These videos are not subject to reproduction.

Video #1
Merv's Upholstery Training
(6) Six hours Long

 Index           Subject
 00-00-01     Address & Etc
 00-00-24      Introduction
 00-01-29      RCM Enterprises
 00-06-27      Basic Upholstery Tools
 00-06-27      206RB-1 Sewing Machine
 00-07-50      Spring Tying
 00-13-00      Covering Over Springs
 00-15-15      Edge Roll
 00-17-10      Covering Chair Seat
 00-23-45      Making Chair Channels
 01-05-00      Putting Banding on Chair
 01-09-35      Putting Bottom on Chair
 01-12-57      Jute Webbing, Cutting Foam Double Welt on Antique Rocker
 01-30-43      Fabric Repeat-Railroading
 01-33-40      Older Model Lazy Boy Recliner
 01-35-07      Newer Model Lazy Boy Recliner
 01-39-50      Installation of Non-sag Springs
 01-43-10      Sew in Diamond Tufts
 01-56-40      Making Cushion with ears
 02-19-47      Rebuilding Cushion Foam Unit
 02-28-00      Filling Inside Arms for Cushion
 02-35-55      Changing one piece back to three
 02-42-15      Floral Bull Nose Cushion
 02-47-35      Making Pinch Pleat Ruffle
 03-04-00      Cutting Foam for Bull Nose Cushion
 03-18-40      Skin Film/Vacuum on Cushion
 03-21-10      Fixing Cushion too Large for Chair
 03-25-39      Curved Front Chair Deck
 03-34-00      Curved Inside Front Arm of Chair
 03-37-16      Upholstering a Platform Rocker
 03-52-00      Roll & Pleat Auto Seat Panels
 04-10-22      Attached Pillow Back (Vinyl)
 04-43-30      Boat Interior (Allie Enterprises)
 04-45-05      Kick Pleats (Glue Method)
 04-49-50      Sofa Deck Stripe Line-up
 04-51-00      Boat Profit (voice only)
 04-55-08      Pillow Back, Stipe Line-up
 05-13-20      Making Zipper for Cushion
 05-36-25      Making Button & Attaching
 05-40-00      Putting on Sofa Outside Arm
 05-42-00      Decorative Finish Strip
 05-43-05      Making Padded Pillow Arm
 05-44-05      Making/Attaching Nail Button
 05-45-54      Putting on Sofa Back/Back
 05-48-00      Hand sewing- Hidden Stitch
 05-52-00      Kick Pleats (different Way)
 05-58-00      Joining Welt on Kick Pleat

Pleat Video #2
Merv's Upholstery Secrets
Little over (2) Two hours Long

 Index           Subject
 00-00-00      Introduction
 00-04-59      My Uph Success Story
 00-06-56      Outline Quilting
 00-13-52      Floral Cushion
 00-24-39      Roll & Tuck
 00-38-26      Top Stitch-Roll & Tuck
 00-45-36      Tufting
 00-57-19      Sew Diamond Tuft
 00-10-38      Perfect Cushion Boxing
 01-39-36      Install Button W/Back on
 01-39-17      Cardboard Cleated on Sofa Deck
 01-40-45      Torsion Spring Installation
 01-43-40      Using Ply Grip
 01-44-06      Know your different foam.

Video #3
Vinyl, Plastic, Bus seats Velour, Leather & Windshield Repairs
(4) four hours Long
Thad Kresho- Vinyl & etc repair
Paul Lamontaque- Bus Seats & etc
Walt Denies-Windshield Repair

 Index            Subject
 00-00-00       Merv's Introduction
 00-04-40       Thad Kresho-Success Story
 00-15-50       Vinyl Repair Demonstration
 00-44-45       Basic Tools & Supplies
 00-45-14       Windshield Repair-Walt
 00-56-28      Star Break
 00-05-35       Combination Break
 01-12-50       Bulls Eye Break
 01-28-45       Questionable Breaks
 01-31-53       Bus Seat-Paul Lamontaque
 01-58-17       On Site-Vinyl Repair
 02-16-35       Color Matching Discussion
 02-16-35       Leather Repair Discussion
 02-32-25       Velour Repair Dissuscion
 02-44-37       Armrest & Dash Repair
 03-43-51       Plastic Repair

All my videos are indexed, the topic with a number is on the video box as well as on the face of the tape.

Example: 03-25-39- at 3 hours 25 minutes & 39 seconds the topic, curve front chair deck will appear on the video so you can locate what you want to see without watching a six hour video, so you can use it for a fast reference.

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