Slipcover Basics Video
Upholstered Cornice Video
Merv's Upholstery Videos
Slipcover FAQ's

Make an upholstered cornice.
Upholster a slipseat.
Make a slipcover.

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Slipcover Basics is a 57 minute video seminar on how to make a slipcover. Detailed step by step instructions take the viewer through every phase of slipcover making. The single most effective way to learn any skill is to watch someone do something and follow their directions.
Slipcover FAQ's
How to Upholster a Slipseat.
How to Make a Slipcover.
How to make an Upholstered Cornice.
Merv's Upholstery Videos.
More Information.

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Air Farms are hydroponic growing systems that fit into a one square foot area and yet yield fresh vegetables or flowers all year long.

  • The only grower on the market to include a trellis kit.
  • All the supplies you'll need to start growing fresh food or flowers.
  • Air Farms operate for less than a penny a day.  With the addition of one fluorescent fixture, they operate at under $.15 / day.  
  • It can produce 9 heads of lettuce per month at a cost of $.48 / head with lighting or $.04 / head without.
  • Compare this to supermarket prices of over $2.00 for hydroponic lettuce, or even $1.29 for iceberg lettuce, and you'll see how the Air Farm will pay for itself in under five months.
  • More Information.

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