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- Make an Elegant Upholstered Cornice -

New! Upholstered Cornice video!  This project video shows everything you'll need to know to make an elegant upholstered cornice.

  JUDY RICE has operated a design and decorating business for over 25 years. In this project video, she teaches the techniques and skills which have kept her decorating business at the top in one of Connecticut's wealthiest areas.

Making an upholstered cornice can be done by anyone with the time to learn by using the simple step by step instructions in UPHOLSTERED CORNICE. This 40 minute video guides the viewer through each step with simple, detailed instructions.

The single most effective way to learn any skill is to watch someone do something and follow their directions.

Start from "square one." Chock full of information detailing techniques on cutting, marking and construction that can be viewed over and over again. Take your new found knowledge and apply it to any window. One picture is worth a thousand words.

Upholstered Cornice:

$24.95 DVD  
plus $4.00 S&H

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